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Investment Opportunities Through Syndication

Syndication is a method of selling property whereby a sponsor, or syndicator, sells interests to investors. It may take the form of a partnership, limited partnership, tenancy in common, corporation, or sub-chapter S Corporation. For example: A yield of an annual 9% return on investment, share of cash flow based on % of investment, and share of equity at disposition based on based on % of investment.

The concept of syndication, which is all about pooling funds for the purpose of acquiring assets, can be applied to many asset classes. It can be applied to real estate, it can be applied to personal property and equipment, it can be applied to plants, industrial plants, and other types of very heavy assets.

For purposes of real estate, any type of real estate can be syndicated "apartment buildings, commercial shopping centers, raw land, and even individual residential homes. The only caveat is that sufficient capital needs to be put aside to carry these properties; and with purchasing land, it`s not advisable to encourage debt.

Harnessing the Power of Syndication as an investor is a great way to see returns on equity investment and sharing of cash flow and equity in the refinance or disposition of the property.

MGM Realty Group LLC specializes in the acquisition of multifamily properties in Nashua and Manchester NH as well as emerging markets across the U.S. MGM seeks to generate for its investors, attractive “above market” financial returns through investments in multi-family housing. MGM focuses on acquiring from highly motivated/distressed sellers, C+ to B+ grade properties with a minimum 12% cash-on-cash return upon takeover and improving the performance of those properties.

Want To Invest In Real Estate?

Through its network of significant relationships in each target market, MGM also works directly with single LLC investors and provides advice and consultation on the process of using personal funds, hard money and self direct IRA funds (SDIRA) to be used to purchase empty or distressed properties that are non-financeable. 

The process needed to take a vacant REO or distressed property from purchase, rehab, tenant placement, and refinancing can be a complicated one. Why not use MGM’s Systems and staff advise you through the process of…. Purchase, Rehab, Rent, and refinance….Then Repeat!

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